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noella who am i

Based on popular demand, we thought it wise to bring to you the lyrics of the life touching song by Noella Uloko


Verse 1:
You hold me so close, I feel your breath
over me
‘Said you’ll never leave, you’ll be with
me everyday

You will not suffer my foot to be moved
I carry your presence everywhere!
Who am I?
Your mind is so full of me!
Mortal Man, Awesome God(4x)

Verse 2:
I am your friend, you call me blessed
and graced
You took me from the miry clay,
‘N’ set me on the rock to stay [Repeat Chorus]

How do I reconcile the two…HIS love for
me and you?
We call HIM Savior Divine!
Jesus, the Vine!
Totally God, and totally Man!

Vamp 1:
I no know why you love me so
Ondu mè Adah Omanchala
Onyè lè b’awö omanchala
Nmor eh no!
Oyor eh no! (2x) Vamp 2:
Ban san mai ya sa kana sau na
Ubangiji ya yesu
Ina wan da ya kai ka yesu
Ban gani ba, masoyi na

Ban san mai ya sa kana sau na
Ubangiji ya yesu
Ina wan da ya kai ka yesu
Ban gani ba, ya ubangiji

[Repeat Chorus;sing till fade]

Lyrics © Noella, 2013.

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    • The interpretatn of d Hausa lines in d song:
      ban san mai ya sa kana so na-
      i don’t know why U love me.
      Ubangiji, ya Yesu- Lord, oh Jesus.
      Ina wanda ya kai ka Yesu-
      who is like unto you Jesus.
      Ban gani ba, masoyi na-
      i have not seen, my love.

  1. This song is too spiritual, i am very convinced that this song is directly send from heaven cos evrytime i listen to it i feel the spirit of God saturating all over me. May God increase you Noella.

  2. I can’t just stop listening to this song over and over and over again. whenever I listen to this song I feel God is around me. I feel his presence all over me. sweet noella. May God continue to guide and strengthen. You. And give u more inspiration. Amended

  3. Am proud to see you singing in foriegn languag,local tongue..this song has gv me a challenge as a person hu sing d church band,i can wait to see ur concert here in jos

  4. Noella How I wish be wil like u… I so much Luv dis swt song of u, whenever I’m listening 2 dis song I’m feeling Heaven on Earth.

  5. Am really really blessed, and inspired by this song, You are amazing seriously God bless you. The hausa is amazing and wonderful too… I want to someday sing like you..

  6. Noella you’re already blessed so instead i pray that this divine author continues to inspire you with melodious words that uplift the lowly in spirit, and keep you from the snares in this world of distraction.
    with the lyrics, i get to share in the joy of the singer, now that joy is complete! remain blessed.

  7. it’s carries anointing….it flows in an unsual manner….revealng mystries…drawing events in d realm of d spirit 2 our physical globe….it wil not diminishe…love 2 listen evry moment.

  8. OoooOh my God in heaven, thank u so much for this highly spiritual worship song that you’ve given to us through your servant, your daughter, NOELLA, I pray that you continue to guide and feed her more with your words and inspiration in Jesus name and aaaamen.

  9. in fact the truth is that, these song is beyond the human understanding and beyond our comprehension, whenever i listen to it tears would never seize to run my eyes, ” really i know no why him love me so’ regardless of my sinful life ohhh omg I’m speechless neolla wherever you are just know that with these song you’ve saved a soul and heaven is happy for u! i pray that at last the enemy would not use it against you at the last day ijn Amen!

  10. I call this song life saving, I woke up one morning with the sound of it from my neighbour through the fence. It was the moment I felt like giving up, this song give me reasons to hold on, is so so inspiring and soul lifting, thank God for His beautiful daughter for this master piece…praise God!!!

  11. Wow. I’ve always loved this song since the first time in heard it in 2015. Listening to it right now again and it sounds new again and again. God bless you Noella.

  12. So inspiring, each time i listened to, i felt the impact of grace in my life. Even before i browsed the lyrics of the song, it has started ministering by means of “sound” alone. Highly recommended for every believer.
    May God continue to help you avail for his his use !

  13. Indeed the song is highly spiritual anytime I sang,I felt guilty of myself,because my life is full of carnality God have mercy. May God guide and improve you to maximise your potential NOELLA.

  14. of a truth Noella you are a God sent to save his children from the hand of the devil through your inspirational songs, I pray that some day I will be like you and even more than. More grace upon you SWEET NOELLA

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