NEW Music + LYRICS: Yung.g.son- End Time[Prod. Zino D]@Yunggson1


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Yung.g.son whose Real name is kehinde amure is a gospel Artiste who started singing hyms in 2011 in his church choir in Adamawa state, the young graduate of Business Administration, is here again with this sensational single End Time Produced by Zino D mixed and mastered by Kingsolomon.

End time is a song, that i records speaking in tongues urging vessels to amend their ways because, jesus is coming soon, the songs point out that when their is life  their is hope, their is no forgiveness in the grave.

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End time Lyrics
Speaking in tongues Godson records hmm zino d God entertainment

Chorus 2x
End time duniya nan banamu ba, ba mutane suna tamutuwaha duniya banamuba end time wanan duniya banamuba mutane sunata mutuwaha duniyana banu mu ba…


Wanan rauwa don’t last forever stop procasting because we are out of time see people get killed because of money that only have value here on earth see death bodies dumped in the city people passing by nobody cares conventueosness bitbertness will not take us to heaven let’s stop pretending and determined this clock is running mahn am out of time an individual render help to a person he told that person let’s meet tomorrow, tomorrow 2. O clock that person in the mortuary.

Chorus 2x repeat

Verse 2:-
We are you going when you die the world is scaring death is taken people every day I have dedicated my life to you muna ranan karshe ranan karshe mutuwa yana du’uka 2x. Ah jesus is coming soon to take us home

Chorus 3x


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