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As one of the best 3 song on the CHURCHCREED Platform, we tend to bring you an Exclusive interview with NOELLA the singer of your favourite ” WHO AM I (MORTAL MAN, AWESOME GOD)” song
CHURCHCREED : Can you please tell us about yourself, maybe things fans are yet to know about you?
Noella : My name (full) is Noelle Ene Uloko. I hail from Benue State, and not a foreigner, like a lot of people think. I believe that grace and truth must think hand in hand, so I lean on God’s grace and embrace His truth for every decision I make and for every game-changing step I’m about to take. I can be very introverted when I’m off the stage or public functions. And I believe strongly in self-assessment and development from time to time. I also serve in the music team in my local church. I believe in serving joyfully and wholeheartedly in God’s house regardless of one’s level or pedigree. There is always something you can do to help out.
CHURCHCREED: great! One of my favourite songs of yours from the WEALTHY PLACES album is WHO AM I ( MORTAL MAN , AWESOME
GOD ,) which happened to be a trending gospel music till date on our platform and all over. can you tell us what or who inspires that song and your music generally?
Noella: The word of God and the Holy Spirit is my inspiration. I spend a lot of my time meditating on the word of God and praying in tongues. That way, I get “high” in the Spirit. And when people get “high” in the Spirit, one major thing that happens is a song drops in their heart. It might be a totally new song or an old song”.
(Ephesians 5:18-19)
To wrap up this question, my Pastor would say “Heaven’s songs when captured, will always turn out to be musical ‘hits’ on earth”. What I pick from that is, only those operating on heaven’s frequency can capture heaven’s songs. And so I align myself.

Wow that’s great .
How did your interest in music begin?
Noella : My interest in music began as a child when my parents would play Sunday school sing-a-long videos like Psalty(the song book), Doughnut man(doughnut repair club), Colby(the piano) etc
We had lots of those videos and I learnt most of the songs. I began rendering special songs in children Sunday school, and I have continued like that until this day, by the grace of God.
what’s your favourite song from the songs you’ve recorded, either from the WEALTHY PLACES album or a single?
Noella : I love all the songs. They are actually all dear to my heart. So I have no best song, really.
CHURCHCREED : OK! having been in the gospel music industry for sometime now, whats the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far & also, what are some of the problems you’ve noticed and how do you think they can be solved?
Noella : The biggest lesson I have learnt from the gospel music ministry:
1Peter 5:6 (NLT)
So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.
Don’t jump-start the process. Let God lift you up. Don’t be in a hurry to “blow”. Humble yourself under God. The exaltation that comes from God stands the test of time.
1 . Competition. There is an unhealthy type of competition that focuses on outdoing the next person instead of striving to be a better version of yourself while sticking to God’s plan.
2Corinthians 10:12b (KJV)
“…but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”
SOLUTION : If we all can set our minds on the measure of the reward we ought to get after this life, it will help us narrow things down to what really matters. We have different Grace’s, and the idea God has always had was for us to compliment one another and not compete. That way, the kingdom work is done properly, and there is no confusion.
2 . Inadequate support from Local churches to their music ministers. A lot of music do not get help from their local church to aid them in the ministry. This can be very discouraging. I’m however glad to have a Pastor who believes in supporting his music ministers in every possible way available to him, while giving us thorough training and mentorship spiritually.
SOLUTION : Get a day job. Work. The Bible says in Proverbs 14:23 (NLT)
“(All) Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty!”
It is better to have your own money than to beg. Humble yourself and do something to fetch you cash. God will bless the work of your hands, and you will serve Him more effectively in the ministry.
CHURCHCREED: Do you think mentorship has a role to play in the Gospel music ministry?
Noella : Definitely. Mentorship has a strong role to play. Loose canons (people who don’t like mentorship) never really get to have a glorious end.
CHURCHCREED : Thats great!
So, what should we expect from Noella this year? Are you working on something?
Noella : I plan on releasing a song by the 2nd quarter of this year. “The Great I am”
“Definitely. Mentorship has a strong role to play. Loose canons (people who don’t like mentorship) never really get to have a glorious end”
CHURCHCREED : Wow i believe many cant wait to see that time!
Considering the fact that selling of CD is getting out of fashion in this age, where can people get your albums online to buy?
Noella : Thanks Leo. We trust God for massive impact upon release.
Links to get my songs(online purchase): bit. ly/
iTunes – WP and http :// cdbaby. com/ artist/
To download “Spirit of God” for free :http ://
www . .ng /music /view .php ?
id =92
To watch “Who am I” video on YouTube : http :// bit .ly/ Awesome– God
CHURCHCREED :So what final word do you have for artiste, most especially Nigerian gospel music ministers? Also to alot of them out there looking up to you.
Noella : FINAL WORD :
Never let the devil or anyone for that matter, to discourage you. I use Philippians 1:6 to encourage myself. Have a word from God that you can hold on to through every season. You already overcame!

CHURCHCREED : Alright So glad to have you today, i believe just like me, many are eager to get to the second quarter of this year for “ THE
May God continue to increase you and your ministry as you have chosen this path to serve in his vineyard, hope to hear more of you!
Noella : Thank you Leo. God bless you all in your endeavors. Thanks for hosting me
CHURCHCREED : You’re most welcome


Domain names for just 88 cents!
Domain names for just 88 cents!

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